How to Blog and Make Money | Step 2

I'm so excited for all of you who are following along on my how to blog and make money series! After working two jobs left me physically and emotionally worn down, I decided to quit my part time job and replace that income by monetizing my blog (you can read the full story in step one).

My initial goal was to have my blog bring in $500/month after taxes, I'm happy to say that I hit my $500/month blog income goal. Fast forward a few years and I was shocked to see that my blog was actually bringing in more than my full time corporate salary.

Making full time income from a blog probably sounds super overwhelming, so for now let's stick with our original goal of making $500 per month from a blog.

First make sure you read: How to Create a Successful Blog

Then Read: How to Blog and Make Money, Step One

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I was going to show you how I grew my blog while juggling my "real job" and personal obligations, but I'll save that post for another day.

I want to make sure you're bringing in extra coins starting today.  So, let's accelerate into Step Two: Join an Ad Network

What is an Ad Network?

Ad networks are companies that connect advertisers to web sites that want to host advertisements online. 

How does an Ad Network Operate?

The ad network will provide you with an ad tag (a few lines of code) that you place on your site. You see mine are in the sidebar and up at the top of this page, you may even see one in between the text of this post depending on the day. The Ad Network will then run ads on your site, track everything, and pay you. You’ll have a dashboard to log into so you can see what’s going on, how much you're making, change your account settings, etc.

Some Ad Network situations pay you each time an ad is viewed on your site, that's called "CPM" CPM means cost per thousand impressions. Some pay you every time an ad on your site is clicked on, that's called "CPC". There are a ton of people who have blog posts based on CPC vs. CPM, so feel free to dig deeper if this interests you.

Which Ad Network Should I Join?

After the Mode Media Ad Network Drama at this time I will only recommend two networks: BlogHer and Adsense.

My very first blogging check was for $50 and it came from the BlogHer Ad Network I love BlogHer because it gave me a sense of community. BlogHer is a hub of information as well as a conference, that I've spoken at numerous times. At other times in my blogging career, I've used Adsense, which is the Google Ad Network. Both are reputable, both pay on time, and I find them both to be trustworthy companies. Feel free to research other networks that may be a fit for you, but if you're just starting out my experience is that BlogHer and Adsense should welcome you easily into their network.

Note: You will have to have a history of content when applying for networks, so I hope you didn't skip step one!

How Much Will I Make from an Ad Network?

I'll be honest, when I first started using Ad networks I didn't make that much money. In a day, I could literally make pennies. But don't be discouraged, Ad Network traffic ads up quickly and over time as my traffic grew, so did my Ad Network income. I'm not comfortable giving specific numbers on what I make, but I understand that you may want a point of reference, so I'll put it this way.

In the beginning I made $50 every three months from my Ad Network, as my traffic grew it got to the point where my Ad Network checks alone were surpassing my $500 part time job goal.

Hopefully that helps.


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